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New Patient Story

  • Location: Milwaukie,
My world changed January 2, 2022 at 1:13am when a heart attack took my husband away from me and our son. One week later a heart attack took our very best friend and my husband’s cousin. Two weeks after that my sister lost her battle with MS and in November my father died. 2022 was not a good year. I had to figure who I was after being with my husband for 34 years, how to live without those I lost. I am doing that, I am forging a new path with no map. Some days I cry, others I do okay but everyday I get up and say hello to life. My fellow caregivers at PMG Milwaukie Family Medicine helped me through all this, they listen to my stories, seen me cry, laugh and sometimes a little nod both. The clinic is my port in a storm. I hope they all know what a huge part of my healing they have been. I 100% certain I would not be as okay as I am without my Milwaukie Family.