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New Patient Story

  • Location: Bonney Lake,
There are many things that can get in our way between where we are and getting more movement. For me, these hurdles are: sometimes not feeling 100% because of a chronic health condition, having a desk job, and having a very busy life. Because of these things, I've tried to get creative with movement. Regarding my chronic condition, I am mindful of taking my medications and monitor what my body is telling me. I'm not someone who can take a run around the neighborhood. Instead I find things to do where I am up and moving. Usually, it is going out and doing yard work in the morning - before it gets too hot - before work. During work (I work remotely), I have an under-the-desk cycle, which I use during meetings. I also have hand weights I use during meetings. After each chart I review, I walk around the house, or if I'm to busy, I stand and stretch. For the factor of being so busy, I have become mindful about reducing unnecessary activities and simplifying my life. I am no longer taking on activities that soak up my time without providing a benefit to myself and my family. I also purchased a smaller house in a location where I have easy access to swimming, paddleboarding, and kayaking. Focusing on movement and simplifying my life is helping me to feel better on a daily basis. Besides spending time with family and friends, my favorite activities are dragon boating - I both coach and paddle (see pic) - and traveling. Fortunately, dragon boat races are sometimes out of town, so I can do both activities that I love.