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As I recently turned 50, I realized that weight gain was creeping up on me. I have two son's, 16 and 13, who are both in better shape than I am. They play sports and, since I was quite athletic as a youth, I never thought that I would have any problem keeping up with them sports-wise. Well, even though I may not look very overweight when wearing the right clothes and using the slimming effect of wearing black clothing, I was not happy with my weight and the limitations that it placed on me when participating actively with my boys. The general negative health effects of not exercising and eating fast food were also bothering me. Exercise was not convenient, and eating fast food was as I work in Home Health and the drive to be producitve often meant charting late at night and neglecting to make myself healthier food. I read about intermittent fasting as a way to lose weight. It seemed like a win/win as I could skip making lunch and intentionally not eat lunch as a way to cut back on calories and induce fasting as a means to losing weight as well. I quickly learned I did get hungry at lunch, however. I found that caffeine could be used as an appetite suppressant. So not I plan to have a cup or two of coffee midday to decrease my hunger. So far my weight loss has been slow and modest, but it is also steady. I'm in no hurry. I met my director as she was going home and I was going into the office to finish some charting. She had obviously lost some weight and stated that she was taking steps to take better care of herself. I though to myself: I can do this too. So, as it happened, there was a gym right below the office. I joined despite belonging to another gym as well, just to increase the convenience factor. I have been much more successful with hitting the gym and have been feeling great, more energy and generally feeling stronger. The best thing is that I think soon I will be able to keep up with my boys much better than before. Of course, it will still take time and concerted effort.