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New Patient Story

  • Location: Kennewick,
Growing up I was always told I couldn't achieve much because I wasn't born in the U.A, long story short, my mother migrated from MX when I was only 2 yrs old, and I was so naive that none of that made any sense up until I was selected to become an exchanged student for being the top in my French class. Could you imagine getting the news at age 15 that you couldn't go to France because you are an illegal immigrant. I went to school the next day and with all innocence informed my French teacher that I was not allowed to go because my mom said I am not allowed to leave U.S because I was born in MX, the whole class bullied me after that, "wetback" is the word used for me for a whole year until I left that school. I am very grateful for Obama's DREAM ACT; thanks to that I was able to leave the gas station where I worked and was given the opportunity to join the medical field. I tried going to college because I felt so confident in my knowledge that I knew I could achieve anything; I was offered an internship for a very well-known company because the professor loved my creativity and intelligence... again turned down after I informed the hiring manager that I was not a U.S citizen. Moral of the story is that all the obstacles that I have faced are not enough to bring me down, I will achieve my goal, I will climb that mountain and I will succeed. I am honored to be where I'm at, and I am so excited to get where I have set my dreams! #dontgiveup