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New Patient Story

  • Location: Beaverton,
I started my medical field experience back when I was in the seventh grade. I was a volunteer at a local hospital and got a lot of motivational support from the nurses and physicians. I wanted, or thought I wanted to be a physician myself, but after my first year of pre-med, the college advisor, an ex-physician himself, saw a different path for me and suggested that I would never be fulfilled as a physician, and got me pointed in another direction, which took a different direction again, and now I have been a cardiac ultrasound technologist for 42 years, no regrets. I was lucky enough to land up at PPMC, working with two of the students that I taught at OHSU. The echo lab has grown 10 fold since then, and now I see myself at the end of my profession. My son has picked up the torch, in a similar journey he has found that the echocardiography profession is very fulfilling. I do miss the Sisters of Providence and their influence/guiding beliefs, but the change is always going on and I am proud of my contributions to the improvement of Cardiac Ultrasound and care for the patients I have been directly involved with.