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New Patient Story

  • Location: Sherwood,
Multiple Sclerosis does not define me. I was diagnoses with Relapsing MS in 2002. I had a 5yo and a 2yo. I was very active had a full time job and it sounded like a death sentence. But at the same time it was validation. I'd been experiencing symptoms since the birth of my youngest child that kept being brushed aside as "tired mother", "overworked" "exercising too much", etc. Fatigue, visual disturbances, dizziness, fatigue, but never at the same time. I decided to become an advocate. I joined Oregon Chapter of Multiple Sclerosis Society. I started on disease modifying therapy almost immediately. They were still fairly new then. I began fundraising for a cause. I captain a team for the Portland MS Walk every year, "Keep Smyelin" and I've been a top 50 Fundraiser for the past 8 years. This year will be my 17th walk. I live everyday like tomorrow might be the last day I'm independent. I zipline, enjoy fast rollercoasters, white water rafting, and tandem skydiving is next on my bucket list! I had to add a mobile aid to my life this past year as alas, my MS did move to secondary progressive. But I'm not going to let it define me or slow me down. You only have today! Live like you were dying.