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New Patient Story

  • Location: Simi Valley,
I am a dog lover through and through. I married a non dog lover. Not to say he doesn’t like dogs… he just doesn’t love them like I do. If I could I would have multiple pups around the house. So when our 18 year old dog left us to cross over the rainbow bridge and we only had our 11 year old chihuahua mix left, I was ready to adopt her a friend. My husband said no more dogs. When I asked again because I found a dog he was interested in a while back… he said no more dogs. This continued for about a year. I would hint that another dog would keep our little dog company and us too, he would say no more dogs! So I finally decided if I can’t bring the dogs to me, I will go to the dogs. So went to my local shelter and asked about volunteering and signed up that day to start walking dogs and finding my joy. I have so many fur friends that I visit and play with and walk and sometimes just sit with and give belly rubs. It truely is therapy for me and I love them all. I wish I could take them all out of the shelter and let them live their best lives with loving family. Of course the husband still says no more dogs but for the time I am at the shelter I like to think I give those pups a little light and make the day a little better.