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New Patient Story

  • Location: Centralia,
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I have been a medical assistant for 15 years. I started college 18 years ago looking to become a RN. I was just about to finish my prerequisites to get in the program and things happened to where i had to get a job. So I took the credits I had and they turned me in to a MA. Two weeks after finishing school, I started my first MA job. I also stopped drinking and smoking because I thought if I was going to be telling patients that smoking and drinking is bad for you, then I probably should not be doing it myself. I started working for a family practice and loved it. Coming from working on a print press, it was nice to work with people. I figured out that I have a very good way with Pt. I have always been a protector of sorts, even back in high school so it just made sense to go in to the medical field. After almost nine years, one wife and 4 kids later, I wanted to try something different. An ARNP I had worked with started working for a sleep center 2 years prior to me leaving family medicine and wanted me to work for him. One week later im on a plane headed to Redding CA for training. I worked there for two years and liked it but did not love it. Two week after leaving the sleep center, I got a job with ENT and worked in the allergy department for over 2 years and loved it. But after two years I needed more out of my career. Luckily I landed a sweet job with providence as a floating MA but the best part was if I found a clinic that I liked I could make it my home. I am now working in Urology and love it.