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New Patient Story

  • Location: Seattle,
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April 1,2019 was my 1st day of working again . After 3 deaths in my immediate family and being laid off from a job I had done for 12 yrs. I had been in a low point in my life mentally and physically. My weight at this point was 259lbs on April 1,2019, I was unhappy at the way I looked and felt inside but I kept smiling and was very good at pretending to be ok. Well I said to my family and to myself. I would loose 50 pounds in year( by April 1,2020). Well I worked hard and pushed myself to walk walk walk. Exercise in anyway I could . Well April 1,2019 I weighed in at 211 pounds. I DIDNT REACH MY GOAL OF 50 POUNDS. I was 2 pounds shy of my goal but I said to myself : I did it I still won. Well it is now November 2022 and I"ve been able to not gain a pound of that weight back. Happiness on the inside is what I call healing.