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  • Location: Huntington Beach,
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My 450 pound story! Hi my name is Connie Futris, 12 years ago I started my journey with the weight loss, since I was a little girl I struggle either emotional eating, during my teenage years the constant ups and downs , and non supervised over the counter “magic” remedies gave me hypothyroidism and got worse after my first pregnancy, when, the struggle with hormones , metabolic syndrome and issue with polycystic ovaries . While going to college at NY I started to try to manage my co-morbidities and I started with my ob/gym se referred me to an endocrinologist and him to a Bariatric doctor, during 6 months I had to follow up with a nutritionist and after I searched the approval for a Bariatric surgery a lapband, I succeeded with 180 pounds in a year and failed with the removal of the band because it moved and produced me heartburn and inability to eat and sleep. A year later I gained 100 pounds and the Bariatric surgeon helped me to approve the gastric sleeve, with a poor loose of 40 pounds, that year Ingot pregnant and I went up to 360 Pounds and gestational diabetes my doctor suggested to get the gastric by pass, 2019 to today I finally reached the 185 pounds and last over 2 years already , yes I’m struggling with loose skin and constant cold but I gained confidence, health, quality time with my kids but the most important the awareness of my body, my emotional needs and rewrite the future of my kids and their decisions over their health.