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My Choose Well resources have helped me move forward

  • Location: Tacoma,
For a long time, I was never able to tell my story. When I told my story, it was about my mother, who survived the Khmer Rouge or about my father who was a monk since the age of 13 until his near 30s, before he met my mother to move to America. It was about my older sisters who are more than a decade older than me. How they grew up speaking Khmer and embracing the culture of the Khmer people. I felt like my story was never as important as theirs. I was here to amplify their story. Growing up, I wasn't surprised when my parent's friends questioned who I was and the look of astonishment when they realized I was their youngest child. I wasn't surprised when I was expected to be a quiet and obedient child because my sisters and parents always knew what was best and were always right. It took me years to realize that I was important too. I still struggle with acknowledging my own worth to this day. I'm constantly trying to piece together my story, bit by bit. Having healthy resources, such as choose well, therapists and friends that I can trust has helped me move miles in my journey of self love. While trying to understand healthy family relationships, I have discovered that a healthy relationship (platonic, romantic, etc...) starts with a healthy me.