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More Time to Prepare Foods Myself

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Choose Well has helped me with little health reminders and added motivation to track my health progress. Walking more in little ways like parking farther from store entrances to get in a few more steps that I would if I tried finding parking spots near the door. I also try standing more often at work and stretching and moving around a bit every 30 minutes so that I do not get too stiff. I have also learned to feed my "sweet tooth" with a wider variety of fruits and raw smoothies without adding any sweeteners--Just Fruits and veggies blended together. This has also moved me to making more time to prepare foods myself so that I know what is in them! I love making breakfast smoothies and "ice cream" made solely from frozen fruits that have been blended smoothie. I have also began to change my clothes right when I get home so that I am more comfortable and likely to do some light exercise when dressed for it. I have also moved my elliptical machine into my living room instead of hidden away in the corner of a room I rarely go into. Placing my ellitacle front and center makes it very hard to ignore using/ seeing.