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Making changes to my diet

  • Location: Seaside,
During my annual check up my nurse practitioner pointed out that I had gained 15 pounds in the past few years and that I should be trying to initiate some life style changes to keep the weight from increasing. After thinking on it for a few weeks I realized she was right. My knees hurt climbing stair and I was easily winded. I also noticed I wasn't as strong as I had been. In November 2021 I began following the Keto diet and exercising in the morning and evenings. My routine included 20-40 minutes in the morning on the elliptical and 30 minutes of weight lifting and stretching in the evening. Within a few weeks I noticed I was starting to firm up. By January 2022, I had shed 5 lbs. By February another 5 lbs, and by April I had exceeded my goal of loosing 15 pounds and had lost a total of 20lbs. I felt great. I had tons of energy and felt strong and sharp minded. Overall I have been thrilled with the results and have been able to keep a majority of the weight off just by minimizing the amount of sweets I eat, as well as not eating after 6pm. With a few minor adjustments you might be able to have major changes too!