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I have always known that my lifestyle choices were not exactly healthy. Nursing school brought on a lot of bad habits, including a lot of McDonalds trips for quick lunches and endless study sessions which kept me pretty much sedentary 75% of my time. Then after school finished, I was working full time and still taking care of a family and a household. Food choices were always "what's quick and easy" and exercise - who had time and energy for that? At this point, I had gained 50lbs from the start of nursing school (so 3 years). Then a big move across the country. Living in a camper trailer while building a house, working full time with a family to take care of, lifestyle choices did not change. I noticed that my scrubs were starting to get a bit tighter. I had seen friends start some fad diets and losing quite a bit of weight. I also saw these wonderful challenges on Choose Well. I was inspired! Between tight scrubs, a husband losing weight because he was so active with building a house, and seeing these challenges, I decided enough was enough. I took the plunge three days before my birthday. I decided to change my diet and find ways to exercise, even if it was only 5 minutes (It's better than nothing and a good start, right?). After one week of changing my diet, I had lost 8 pounds! I wasn't even sad about not having birthday cake on my birthday! (let's face it, a healthier body is better than a birthday cake). This time around, it's been easier to make healthier choices regarding my diet. I think I had found my "rock bottom" and the help I needed to begin. I have a long road, but I have taken the first few steps. I have logged into Choose Well every day this week, looking for challenges and new ideas to help make this transition easier and healthier for me. I am excited and feel like this is it. This is the time of my life to take back my health and set that example for my children and my family!