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It's Ok to be Lost...

  • Location: Portland,
I've been really lost when it came to finding out what I want to do with my life. I worked at a grocery store, a warehouse, a restaurant.. you name it. I am 23 years old and have yet to figure out what this so called "life" is all about. Maybe I'm just young and naive but I was always stressing myself out for not knowing what to do. Maybe it was because I compared other people's successes to my own, that it made me feel like a failure. I recently had time to explore the country a little bit and when I finally came back, I decided to go for a job where I can make a career that could actually impact the lives of others. Providence has given me the chance to fulfill that. I don't feel as lost as I used to, being that I am proud to say I work for providence. It takes time to find a home. It takes time to be at peace, and it's different for EVERYONE. So, don't let the feeling of being lost bring you down. The only way to be found, starts with being lost in the first place.