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I'm a Fighter

  • Location: Centralia,
Looking forward on working on myself for a healthier lifestyle. Ever since I fell ill with COVID-19 W/Pneumonia in June 2020 in Cali to where I was told I am very lucky to have lived to see another day. I may not remember all the details but according to the Doctors and nurses I have coded twice, was on ventilator two weeks and pressure sore at stage 4, i was in shock but Thank God everyday for giving me a chance to live to see another day. Took me more then that year to recover but still my health was impacted from COVID-19. Then I made a big decision in my life to move outstate for peace of mind and better lifestyle for myself and family. I came to live in state of Washington. Sorry to say I suffered a another fatal illness. So in June 2021, I became sepsis and back on the ventilator for a week and half. One thing after another but God was by my side telling me it wasn't my time. I am forever grateful to have lived and see another day. Thank you Jesus!!!!! I am a fighter and will keep on going and live to see another day.