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I’m a Cyclist

cyclist cyclist

So far I've used Choose Well to inspire my logging of activity and healthy habits. I have been so active so long, but keeping up on a health log is not something that I regularly do. Choose Well makes it easy since I can link my Strava account with all other of my tracking systems. I'm a cyclist riding anywhere between 6 to 30 miles one-way into work 4-5 days of each week. I thoroughly enjoy riding as it skips over traffic, puts me into God's nature, and creates a "me-time" that is simply unparalleled by society's standards. On any given day, I am arriving home between 15-30 min later than if I drove the same distance, but I don't have to spend 30 minutes of family time decompressing from the workday, traffic frustrations, or stress that typically accompanies an exercise-free life. My health benefits from the head down; mentally, spiritually, and physically. I am reaching an age that my cohorts are typically on 3-5 medications due to modifiable diseases, and I'm proud of my efforts that have allowed me to circumvent those types of health issues.