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I Have Made 3 Major Changes in My Lifestyle

Cherri Salesky Cherri Salesky

Hi there, I have made 3 major changes in my lifestyle since belonging to Choose Well. Choose Well has inspired me to wear my MAX Buzz daily and to add small increments of time of activities to my daily routine. I add 10 minutes here or 10 minutes there throughout my day for activities. #1) I noticed that smokers are always getting up from their cubicles to go outside and walk to the perimeter of the hospital to smoke several times throughout the day. I am not a smoker, but I realized I CAN do the same thing. Get up several times throughout the day to go for a walk. My co-workers have been doing it and they all use their fit bits to manage their steps. They encourage me to go with them. And this is exactly what I need to get this done. I am overweight and need encouragement to go. I find that ten minutes at a time and a slower pace of walking works best for me. #2) When we go out to eat together, my colleagues have gotten me to decrease the number of Splendas I use in my iced tea. This is huge because I used to put 6 splendas in a glass of iced tea because I liked the sweet taste of it. My friends call it my hummingbird nectar. I have decreased to 1 or 2 splendas. Sometimes I have none. They take the splendas away from me. Since I shared this story with my husband he encourages me not to use it also. #3)Choose Well and my co-workers have brought to my attention is that I use too much salad dressing on my healthy salads. They encourage me to not use the high-fat ones and to switch to a healthier one, such as olive oil, or balsamic vinegar, or even to smash up an avocado all over the salad instead of dressing. I like to read the MONJ for ideas. I am grateful to have co-workers and a husband that cares enough for me to assist me through these areas to help improve my health. Thank you to Choose Well and to my friends and family for helping.