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I Appreciate All Choose Well Has Done to Strengthen My Finances

Alan Parker Alan Parker

I have made some really positive changes to my financial situation. I have incurred a large amount of debt from school for respiratory therapy and life. I also have large debts for student loans. I used advice from Choose Well to organize my finances better. The daily cards feature and saving my pocket change (daily healthy habit) were catalyst in me getting my finances in order. Also taking care of debt in the present time to be able to save for the future. This resonated with me as I had a lot of debt at the time, but no real plan to be able to pay anything off.

This is when I got serious and made the arrangements for the programs I’m enrolled in including my debit management system and my new student loan program. I realized was wasting time paying minimum payments and never actually attacking my true debt. I still have a long road ahead of me, but my hope is to be credit debt-free in about 3 years and student loan-free in 10 years. It’s awesome to think some day that I might be relatively debt-free. I appreciate all Choose Well has done to strengthen my finances as well as physically and mentally. Thank you!