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I Am Now Able to Bike Ride With My Son

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Back in June, I suffered an achilles tendon rupture. Before this happened, I was really active, a marathon runner, participant in triathlons, was looking forward to a summer of riding bikes with my son. After my surgery to repair my Achilles tendon, I was in intense amounts of pain. I ended up feeling depressed because of my limited mobility, and activity, my son was also not very happy as I couldn't get outside with him most of the summer. As I was off work, I was all of a sudden more sedentary than I had ever been and I began to make more unhealthy diet choices. Once I began Physical Therapy, which I am still doing, I began to regain more function and I am now able to bike ride with my son. By also being a part of Choose Well, I feel I have more incentive to track my daily habits such as eating healthy and slowly becoming more active as my leg heals. I realize there is no short fix to getting healthy again and it requires an active, focused effort on my part.