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I Am Grateful to Have Choose Well


I have been following up on 20 different "healthy habits" for the past 2 years, changing them up a bit as new options become available (such as the "holding a door open for someone else" challenge this past week) and one thing I have noticed is that daily documentation helps me stay on track, even if only because it is embarrassing to have to type in a weight that is steadily increasing or the fact that I managed to avoid exercise for an entire week! But over these past 2 years, I have successfully lost 23 lbs, have dropped my Hgb A1c back down into the normal range, and just plain feel better! And the "healthy habits" I have chosen to monitor are not just diet or exercise-related, they also include things like "expressing gratitude" and indulging in my favorite hobby (playing the violin, which doesn't count as aerobic exercise, but given how much I sweat during an orchestra concert, probably should !) I now actually read the nutrition labels on food products in the store and more often than not put the box back on the shelf when I realize how many carbs and how little protein and nutritional value highly processed foods contain (even if they do taste delicious !) I am eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, am making sure not to miss my Sunday morning spin class at the gym, and do try to break up my long workday by at least taking a 10-minute walk outside, rain or shine. I suspect that without the encouragement of tracking my new "healthy habits" I would not be sticking to any of my chosen goals so I am grateful to have to Choose Well as one of the "favorites" on my desk computer - it's hard to avoid if that little icon is staring you in the face!