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Have Lost Over 100 Pounds

Katie Gillespie Katie Gillespie

After having a premature baby a few years ago, I became very anxious and gained a significant amount of weight. I tried several times to lose weight, but my mind, body, and spirit were not in the right place. I finally had to seek help for my anxiety, and also make a decision to change my eating habits. I then spent a weekend reflecting and praying at a women's retreat at church. I finally got healing for my mind, body, and spirit, and was finally was able to move forward towards getting healthy. I have cut sugar and flour out of my diet, and have lost over 100 pounds. It gave me the confidence to move forward with my career and take a new position with Providence. I know that Choose Well will keep me accountable for my eating choices, remind me to stay active, and keep my mind and spirit healthy too. I am excited to have a tool at my fingertips everyday to keep me well! I never want to go back to feeling like I did. I'm thankful for so many of the benefits Providence offers, and that they would reward us to be mindful of our health every day.