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Greater Balance and No Guilt

balanced stones balanced stones

I adore the accountability I find in the Virgin Pulse program. Simply by logging in on a regular basis its just a small riminder to take care of my health, and it stays in the back of my mind through out the day. I'm given better strength to not find ooie gooey sweets as appealing. As well as a better reminder to pack my lunch in the morning. So often I set super high goals I stick to for a week and a half and then drop out of exhaustion. This program has opened my eyes to TAKING small steps & make a big impact. Botom line changes: -Sundays I make smoothies out of veggies and some fruit and freeze them to have a baseline of produce daily. -I started a series of 10 min exercises in the morning and at night for mobility and flexability. light easy fun. Doing these things along with 3-4 bursts of strenuous activity when I can through out the week I have found greater balance and no guilt on days where family and work consume 18 hours.