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Grateful for my coworkers

My story is coming back when we moved back to the US. I didn’t have job and it was in peak of Covid; summer 2019. We were in hotel in Turkey for 4 weeks due to Covid and we paid a lot. Then we had to stay in hotel in California that I can find a job. I got a job and we had to move from South California to Washington state. We bought a car with minimum possible down payment. We got apartment in Washington and all we had were 2 luggages!! We didn’t have anything else and we slept on floor for few weeks!! God bless my coworkers in the ED that I used to work!! I mean GOD BLESS THEM!! They donated a lot of things to us, mattress, TV, desk and table, Christmas lights and decorations, a lot kitchen stuff and whatever you can think of!! Whenever I say this story, I’m about to cry!! We didn’t have pennies in our pocket to start our life and we really couldn’t make it without their support!! I pray for them all the time!!