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Feeling Thankful

  • Location: Olympia,
Lady holding a red heart out Lady holding a red heart out
I am very thankful to my life. I suffered from childhood and continued in adulthood with asthma, and then adulthood with cancer. When I was suffering with asthema attack every night, my mother cared for me while my siblings were having hard time to share mom's attention. My 2 sisters later became a nurse and dietitian and currently working together to provide community healthcare. They told me recent year that they wanted to help me but they were feeling helpless. About a decade ago, my brother moved in with my parents, his wife and kids, and started building community together. I finally overcame long history of health problems including cancer, and now I live my own life without seeing a doctor too often. I enjoy walking, play with my dogs, traveling whenever I can take a vacation with my spouse. I have an amazing job as MSW in hospice care past several years. I am so grateful to be part of this family. I have amazing support around and thankful to each day to recognize I am alive and simply grateful. Compassionate to care for others and I offer my best to my patients to have a peaceful and comfortable care.