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Feeling blessed

  • Location: Spokane Valley,
While I didn't grow up Catholic, I was in a Christian household that turned Catholic in the adult years - and spiritual well being was always a strong force in the home. Coming to Providence, for me, on many levels, felt like coming home. As long as I can remember, I was the one who the family came to when there was a need for care amongst the family - and that care at an early age was often companionship. I was the youngest of the extended family (at that time), so it's safe to say I was the easiest to convince to help when someone needed it. It's because of those experiences that I find myself in this profession. I've never really known anything but taking care of others, although I didn't enter into the medical profession until 2012, but aiding others was always there in my jobs. When I came to Providence I knew I was home. That was 7 and a half years ago, and I have evolved with the company in a manner that doesn't surprise me. I have many hats--med aide, trusted co-worker, choosewell champion, activities helper, friend, influencer, and a constant for our residents ( the most important). To be honest it's a love/dislike relationship. I won't say hate because I strive not to hate anything in my life-if I hate something I do what's necessary to change that. Providence Emilie Court has been my rock for most of my medical career thus far, and the relationships that have been built are priceless. I am truly blessed to be a part of so many lives. While I know I am not the best person in the world, I know I am an important part of my residents worlds, and hopefully my co-workers worlds as well. As I have reached my mid 50's and have an older husband and grand children who need me, I find myself excited for a new challenge of reverting back to taking care of family, this time old and young! Thank you to everyone in my life, Providence family and family, I am blessed that you are all in my life and honored to care for you all! My heart is full!