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Don't Ignore Chest Pain

  • Location: Laguna Beach,
I work in IT at Mission Hospital - Laguna Beach. While in the ER taking care of an IT issue, I suffered a heart attack. Been feeling chest pains for a few days and just ignored it thinking it was just stress. Boy was I wrong. Was treated there in the ER and sent to the main campus where I found out that I had a 99% blockage of one of my arteries. After the stent was put in, I changed my whole life. 3 months later, I have lost 20lbs, lowered my cholesterol by 100pts and now I am no longer needing my blood pressure medicine! I do cardio every day and weights 3 days a week. Never felt better. Moral of the story: Don't ignore chest pain and if you have a heart attack, the best place to have one is in the ER!