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Celebrate the small victories

  • Location: Mount Angel,
Celebrate the little victories! My autistic son has taught me so much about celebrating the little victories. When he was growing up, we faced a lot of obstacles. With each new challenge, we had to find a way to face it, and create a way to manage it. There were many times that traditional ways of parenting didn't work. So, we became creative. As we worked as team (mom, dad and my son) things were easier to manage with new "work arounds". Each time we were able to figure it out, it was a small victory. The great thing is that every time we had a mini victory, it was layers upon layers upon layers of mini victories. Now that he is grown, we see that all those little victories have helped him to become a wonderful young man with a happy, fulfilled life. Which to me is a BIG victory. Never underestimate the power of celebrating achievements, no matter how small. Every victory matters!