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Cancer Free, Feeling Happy!

Person holding out a red heart Person holding out a red heart
It's important to look at your family's health history and make your healthy lifestyle focus around the familial issues you can't control. I know for me, that's heart disease. I eat healthy, don't smoke/drink, and run several times a week totaling around 15-20 miles- I've been living this way since my early 20s. There's no cancer in my family so that was totally off my radar, until I found a hard painful lump in my breast last fall, age 39. I was at the Dr office the next day and by December, I underwent a mastectomy and lymph node dissection to aggressively treat my breast cancer. Now, I'm cancer free and back to running, feeling happy! No matter what you calculate to be your health threats in life, anything is possible. Stay alert and act quickly on anything suspicious! My body is forever changed, but I'm blessed. Love every day as a gift!