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Appreciating Life's Little Blessings

  • Location: Bellevue,
Life's Little Big Blessings. . . Born in the Philippines from a Russian migrant farmer and a Filipina mother; incidentally fostered to an American family at the age of 15 after my biological parents passing away, I count my blessings every day I turned out okay. Growing up in a poor family and not having much except for handouts and maybe a roof over my head in the streets, I am proud to share I pursued to make something out of myself and get off the streets by becoming a nurse. I have come a long way; feeling accomplished and happy because I now get to help others each time I show up to work. I love the feeling of saving lives and helping others feel better whether making a patient more comfortable with a warm blanket; helping them setup their meals; relieving their pain; or providing an undivided attention to their needs, I feel privileged to serve the sickly. No matter how tough my day is, there is so much I can appreciate in life's little blessings. . .