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An Eye-Opener for Me

Cuc Vu Couple Cuc Vu Couple

Being a mom of 3, I was always busy and barely had time for a break. I was always on the run to catch up with all sorts of family planning, work, kids’ after-school activities, doctor appointments, and other religious practices such as attending masses or spending time in a chapel to pray. Some days, I feel so overwhelmed and frustrated with such a busy life. But, Choose Well was an eye-opener for me and helped me to look at my daily routines in many positive ways than feeling frustrated. I realized while running North and South, East and West daily, I can always manage my day with smiles, stay positive, looked mentally well, and be physically fitted when I can incorporate the many programs and guidance offered from Choose Well. In fact, I find it more fun counting my steps, doing simple exercises even just for 15 minutes daily, giving myself some quality time with my husband, making the right choices of food intakes, and contributing more care to my community. Overall, Choose Well will stay with me for the rest of my life.