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What are caregivers saying about back-up care?

What are caregivers saying about back-up care?
  • Back up care is a fantastic benefit that I and my family truly appreciate. I've used the in-home option several times and it has been super easy to set up each time. The copay for this service was reasonable as well. Thank you for offering this benefit to me and all of our caregivers!!
  • Back up care benefits have allowed me to miss less work and feel significantly less stressed when things come up such as last min daycare closures due to staffing issues.
  • It helps when you need someone to take care of your little one and we have back up care as benefits from our employer. Bright Horizons people in Seneca Branch are so nice. Thanks so much!
  • She was great with my son. She was kind, attentive (did a lot of activities with him) and did a great job!