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September: Supporting suicide prevention in the workplace

September: Supporting suicide prevention in the workplace

In honor of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, we’re emphasizing the importance of talking about mental health in the workplace and checking in on our colleagues who may be struggling. 

As a core leader and colleague, you can play a powerful role in suicide prevention. With this goal in mind, it's important that any mention or indicator of suicide or self-harm be taken seriously in the workplace. By talking to your coworkers and your team when they show signs of distress, you can help connect them with the resources and care they may need to support their mental well-being.   

Take the time to check in with yourself and your team this month:  

  • Get familiar with your mental wellness resources that will help support you and your caregivers.  

  • Visit the spiritual health page to learn about Spiritual Health support from our professional chaplains. 

  • Join Out of the Darkness Walk to stop suicide, find healing. Find a team in your community at or

We hope the resources above empower you to support your own mental wellbeing and to recognize when others may be struggling. Thank you for joining us in recognizing Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and supporting one another.