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Theresa Randall

Posted By Theresa Randall || 20-Oct-2020

My story is about surviving unhealthy relationships and giving my life to Jesus and in his own timing, I met my soulmate/husband, who I have been married to since 1999. I could go into many depressing details, but I will not. I do believe I have been blessed with God's perfect timing, planting seeds throughout my life to let me know there is something greater than us all. Something good and divine and personal for each of us. My crazy family, with lots of divorces made me feel like relationships were started with an intent to eventually end. Yep, abandonment was my biggest fear factor. During my Sophomore College Year I lost almost all my material things, including my beloved saxophone to a pawn shop, because I was too ashamed to call my family for help. I felt alone and didn't want to bother family. I ended up in a Catholic Church in Bellingham Washington in a breakfast food line for homeless people. I cried out to Jesus that I just wanted to go home. I knew I had to make money for an airplane ticket to Alaska, so I went to a fish processing plant, told the truth to the guy hiring about my situation and he got me a job packaging fish. He also gave me a piece of fish to take "home" every night so I could eat. I was in an apartment that was soon to be emptied by the landlord, but my "friends" knew I could safely stay there for a few weeks until the court papers were completed. I made it back to Alaska and worked the 1989 Valdez Exxon Oil Spill, paid all my debts and then moved to Wasilla where I finished college with a Bachelor's of Business Administration of Accounting. I proudly wore my cords, indicating I graduated with honors. During this time in my life, I was in another unhealthy relationship, but not near as bad as what I was living before. I was just trying to figure out where I belong and didn't know how to do this on my own. My Mom was raising 2 girls with a new husband and she didn't need a needy young adult to add to her list. I started going to church in Houston Alaska and that is where I was baptized and I gave my life to Jesus. A month later, I met my future husband, who was raised Catholic. He is structured and dedicated, not that he is perfect, but for me, finding someone who is always there, allowing me to grow, not controlling me, not using me, was heaven, and it still is. We are patient with each other, we grow together, we support each other with the changes in our lives, we are compatible. And I love him more today than when we met. And we have a child who is now a young man ready to spread his wings. Yes, I have forgiven my wonderful family, there have been bumps along the way, there are still relationships to mend, and I keep praying to Jesus to heal some relationships. I don't know when my last day will be here on Earth, but I sure do know there is a lot of work to be done to serve and shine a light for others. Some days it is tiring, but I get my strength through prayer and worship. I also take time to rest, so I am not bitter towards others. It is automatic for me to work most of the day. I commercial fished in the Summers and those were long days of manual labor and little sleep. I rejoiced when we started seeing dark again. I am grateful for this experience. I just had to go through all my bumps to learn to balance myself. I believe in leaving the past behind, being present and serving as Jesus would to the best of my imperfect-human-ability. I have learned to set healthy boundaries for myself and my family and I know trust is earned. I wish we could be like innocent children and not have to do this, but we do and that is okay. We are all children of God and through our united faith, the fear of death, abandonment, loss of loved one, & other fearful events, we can rest in faith. Faith and fear can not co-exist.
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