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Nancy Garcia

Posted By Nancy Garcia || 17-Nov-2020

In June,29, 2020 the COVID 19 hit one of the most important person in my family My Father he was in the Covenant Hospital with COVID for 19 day's and he pass away July,9, 2020 for this reason I had been passing the word to every one to wash your hands and also the most important to wear the mask. This issue with COVID has hit my personal home and my work home has hit also my co-workers and it has made my department short staff. I have been getting some of my staff to cover for the one's that they had been sick but it gets to that point that they get tired. For the last I would like to thank all and most of the employees from Covenant Hospital specially my crew because with out them we would not had the rooms disinfected and ready for the next patient. Thank you
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