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Abby Larson

Posted By Abby Larson || 31-Jul-2020

It's no secret that spending time in nature is medicine for the soul. John Muir said, "Come to the woods for here is rest" and i really believe that to be true. During the mandatory shelter in place period in WA, I longed to be outside in the PNW wilderness- my porch just didn't cut it. Working at Swedish during the pandemic has been an incredible privilege. Every caregiver has encouraged another, has pulled out all the stops when it comes to creative and innovative patient care, and has worked incredibly long hours to tackle this virus. I genuinely love my work- knowing it has meaningful impact on so many people in our community. But working during a months long pandemic does not come without negative side effects. I miss friends and family, I crave my old routines, I have terrifying dreams at nigh,t and I mourn for all the folks who have suffered financially, mentally, and emotionally because of state mandated closures and losing loved ones. When we were finally free to venture out of our homes, with proper masking and physically distancing, I raced to the woods. Knowing the realities of this virus have made me fearful of any type of crowd, so instead of a noon hike, I have most often opted for a solo sunrise hike. Rising before dawn, no matter the weather, driving to a remote mountain path, and stepping one foot in front of the other as the world slowly wakes up has been an absolute joy to me these past few months. No, the path is not always easy and sometimes I am afraid of the foggy darkness or am gasping for air, but there is a freedom and excitement that comes from climbing up and up and up alone. I reach the summit and my brain is less foggy, less burdened, and more hopeful than when I started. The walk down seems like a victory lap and the "hiker's high" stays with me long after I've finished. It's little adventures like these that have kept me grounded during this crisis and have allowed me to reflect on and savor the good, the difficult, and the wildly wonderful bits of our present circumstance
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