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Claudia Fong

Posted By Claudia Fong || 4-Aug-2020

This year is considered one of the worst year in my life I'd say. I've encountered a few major PERSONAL life changing situations/events. That does not include the Covid-19 Crisis that has impacted billion around the world. First, I've broke up with my partner of 10 years at the beginning of this year. Second, I had to have a major surgery in March of this year that put me out of work for much longer than anticipated. Third but not least, I had water pipes that broke in my crawl space last month as a result I needed to repipe the whole house that costed me over $13,000.00. However, I'm doing great! I'm coping well because I have a job! I love my job. I'm grateful and thankful for the supports I receive from my supervisors and colleagues. NO ONE CARES ALONE.
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