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Diane Whaley

Posted By Diane Whaley || 30-Jun-2019

After. I had my daughter in April 2017, I struggled to attain a healthy lifestyle. My husband and Imyself worked opposite schedules and we had a hard time enabling ways to have s healthier lifestyle. We began searching for ways to do so. We subscribed to Hello Fresh to deliver healthier meals than fast food. We would take our daughter on her tricycle, wagon and walk almost everyday in varying distances. We purchased a water dispenser from Costco to make drinking water (hot or cold) more easily accessible. We developed our organizational skills to ensure we make our medical, dental appointments, etc. around our daughter’s myriad of appointments. We began making goals to improve our finances, home and most importantly each other. So far we are happier and we feel more whole. We are hoping and praying that not only in the aspects of well-being that I’ve mentioned we improve on but in our lives as Christians.
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