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Jim O'Halloram

Posted By Jim O'Halloram || 25-Jul-2019

Every morning I walk the dog, work days or days off, rain or shine. Since the choose well litter challenge nearly two years ago, I have picked up litter and recyclables on our morning walk every single day. It has inspired neighbors to act similarly, it keeps the neighborhood looking nicer, and it creates a sense of personal ownership towards the community, in addition to giving me a sense of personal satisfaction. Our dog gets to pick his route (within reason) on our morning walks, and his routes are unpredictably varied-so there is almost always a new area to clean up. He's happier for this (more sniffing when I am picking up litter) and his happiness is infectious-so the dog is happier, I'm happier and more connected to community, and the neighborhood is more pleasant! What a bonus!
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