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Jillian Lee

Posted By Jillian Lee || 25-Feb-2019

I started struggling with anxiety in 2017. I had just gotten married, moved in with my husband, and started a new job. Things were great, having anxiety didn’t make since. At the end of 2017 we were pregnant. I continued to struggle with my anxiety as the rollercoaster of life kept happening. Returning to work post baby spiked my anxiety to all time highs. Through the employee assistance program- therapy benefits, recommended readings, involvement in the wellness committee, support from my manager and colleagues, and utilization of employee resources (gym, chapel, quiet room, massage, chiropractor benefits) I can now finally say I am in a good place. Life is still crazy, anxiety still happens, but I’m in more control. Things finally started clicking. And I am excited to share my improvement with others as an ongoing member in the wellness committee. Having a workplace that supports balance is important to me and I am very grateful to have arrived where I am today.
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