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Alexis Holcomb

Posted By Alexis Holcomb || 24-Apr-2019

Choose Well has encouraged me to connect with other people in and around my job, that are like mind in moving forward with there health and fitness. There are challenges in the program that get us up and moving. I have gotten up from my desk more often as I am trying to beat the other in the challenge in how many steps I take. This is not just at work but at home as well. I find myself looking at where I can get more steps. I take walks to get food and run with friends to get more steps in, anything to push the count up. These are small steps that are taking to move my health forward. I am also using the health trackers to remember to eat healthy food like lean meats and fruits and veggies. It also has the tracker for checking sugars in your food and that is a good reminder for everyone.
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