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Bertha Montes

Posted By Bertha Montes || 26-Sep-2018

About 3 years ago, my younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was diagnosed with a very aggressive type of breast cancer. She had chemotherapy and a bilat. breast mastectomy. She was also tested for the BR1 and BR2 test and she was positive for BR1 . Because of my family hx of breast cancer, I had been having yearly screening mammograms . Well since it was at the end the year, I went ahead a baseline breast MRI. My MRI was positive . Radiologist recommend a breast u/s. The breast u/s was abnormal and bx was recommended . Breast bx was done and it was breast cancer. I was recommend to go see a surgeon. Surgeon wanted to do a bilat. breast mastectomy. I was not happy. I agree to have a unilat mastectomy, but last minute I decided to have a bilat. mastectomy. So on Dec 31 2014, I had my surgery. It was not an easy choice. But it was the best thing, I did for myself. Now, I am almost 3 years cancer free. Its very important to me that I been through this first hand and I can hold my patients hand and be able share my experience with them.
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