I Choose Me. Earn money while focusing on your well-being.

Don’t miss out on money towards your out-of-pocket medical expenses. Choose Well is here to support you with tools and resources to help make sure you are caring for your own physical, mental, and emotional health.

If you are enrolled in the medical plan, you can earn your health incentive while you are focusing on your well-being. Between now and Nov. 12, 2021, you may complete any combination of well-being activities to earn 40,000 points to reach Level 4 and receive the maximum health incentive reward.

How much is the health incentive?

The health incentive that you earned depends on the medical plan that you enrolled in for 2022.

  • If you are enrolled in HRA or HSA medical plan-You can earn up to $700 if you enroll in caregiver-only coverage, or up to $1,400 if you enroll family members.

  • If you are enrolled in a medical plan that is NOT an HRA or HSA-You can earn a premium credit of up to $400 for caregiver-only or caregiver plus child(ren) coverage, or up to $800 for caregiver plus spouse or family coverage annually.

Learn more at and search for health incentive.

Focus on your well-being

Here are some of the bonus point opportunities.

  • Earn 50 points for each healthy habit tracker you use, up to 3 per day.

  • Visit your primary care provider or mental health practitioner

  • Complete the Health Check (health assessment) – confidential snapshot of your overall well-being and opportunities to maximize your health

  • Journeys- reach your goals by taking one step at a time. These self-guided courses help you build healthy habits

  • My Care Checklist- Your checklist gives you rewards for staying on top of your care.

Go to the How to Earn tab of your Choose Well Account for a full list of the bonus points and ways to earn points.

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