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It’s not too late, there’s still time to earn your Choose Well points. To earn 100% of your 2021 health incentive, you must reach Level 4 by Nov.13, 2020. Don’t forget this year, your health incentive will be earned on your participation only – spouse participation is not required*.

Take advantage of these high point-earning opportunities, found in the Programs section of your Choose Well account:

  • Health Care or Behavioral Health Provider Visit form
  • Health Check (health assessment)
  • On-Demand Learning Series modules
  • Flu Shot

How to check your progress
App: Click on Program Details. You will see your point total and level completion in the circle. Click on Boost Your Score for details on ways to earn your incentive.

Website: Look at the teal progress bar at the top of the main page. It will show the point total and what percentage of your health incentive that you have earned.

If you need help logging into your Choose Well account, call Virgin Pulse at 844-930-1238.

*Caregivers covered under a collective bargaining agreement receive benefits in accordance with the terms of their contract.

Q4 Step Challenge: Relax, Renew, Refresh: Live Now

In this challenge we will explore the value of allowing your mind, body, and soul to haDuring stressful times, it's even more important that we take the time to refresh and restore ourselves. People are not machines. New research shows that when people don’t get the maintenance they need, everything suffers—their work, their relationships, and especially their mental, physical, and emotional health. In this challenge we will explore the value of allowing your mind, body, and soul to have some meaningful, restorative downtime. So take a deep breath and get ready to relax, renew, and refresh!

•Registration is open Sept. 25th
•Challenge Starts- October 5th
•Challenge Ends-October 18th

Join by going to the Challenge section of your Choose Well account.

October Healthy Habit Challenge: Time for Friends

Keeping friendships strong in the face of numerous challenges may seem like one more thing to worry about, but the benefits are worth a little extra effort. Spending time with friends (whether virtually or at a safe physical distance) is fun, but it also has long-term physical and emotional health benefits. Studies show that healthy relationships make aging more enjoyable, lessen grief, and provide camaraderie to help you reach personal goals. Maintaining positive friendships is as much a part of our well-being as healthy eating and exercise. Some experts even say that being socially engaged leads to more positive emotions, which in turn may actually boost your body’s immune system and reduce the physical signs of stress, all the more important in challenging times like these!

•Registration Opens: 10/18
•Challenge Starts: 10/19
•Answer YES 5 out of 7 days receive 500 points

On-Demand Series Available Now

We are excited to introduce a new format for an improved experience. You can access this learning module in your daily cards. Now you don’t have to worry about missing it, as it will remain in your stack of cards until you complete it and remind you throughout the year.

Q1 Choose Well On-Demand: What’s on Your Mind?

This learning module will help you identify some of your stress triggers, how they weigh on your mind, coping strategies and free resources available to you. This is an important step in learning how to be resilient, so answer as honestly as you can. The reality is that unexpected things will happen, and you will get tired, stressed, frustrated or sad. The goal is to begin to understand this is normal and empower you with the skills to help you cope. Be sure to click on the (?) icon to learn more as you move through the module. Once you complete the module, click on the Done button to receive your points.

Q2 Choose Well On-Demand: Growing Through Crisis

Right now our daily lives look a lot different, and we are constantly adjusting and adapting as the world changes around us. Despite the uncertainties, positive personal growth can happen. The Growing Through Crisis module will provide you with tools and resources to help you practice and develop skills and increase your resilience as we move through this crisis. Once you complete the module, click on the Done button to receive your points.

Q3 Choose Well On-Demand: No One Cares Alone

In this series you will learn about peer support, how to connect​ with other caregivers, and​ resources available to you.Once you complete the module, click on the Done button to receive your points.

Q4 Choose Well On-Demand: Back to Basics Available September 14th

In this series, we will be getting Back to the Basics, what are the small actions you can take to decrease stress, improve your immunity and feel healthier?