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August:Focus on Your Finances

Tracking our spending is an important part of managing our finances. It helps us stay accountable to our budget, reveals any spending issues that we may have, helps us meet our financial goals, and ensures we catch any errors or fraud that may pop up in our accounts or credit cards. This can greatly decrease any stress and anxiety brought on by finances.

Don't Miss Out on Your Health Incentive

Medically enrolled caregivers, don't miss out on earning your health incentive. It’s not too late, there’s still time to earn your Choose Well points. To earn 100 percent of your 2023 health incentive, you must reach Level 4 by Nov. 11, 2022. Go to the How to Earn tab of your Choose Well Account for a full list of ways to earn points.

Core Leaders: Show Your Team You Care

Well-Being Care Packages now available to order for your team at no cost!

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TeleSpritual Health for Caregivers-Now Available

Our professional chaplains are skilled and trained to care for the whole person (mind, body, and spirit) coming from any spiritual and faith background or practices. Caregiver TeleSpiritual health is now available to support our caregivers. Information and appointments are available through the Choose Well site.

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Monthly Healthy Habit Challenge Challenge- Track Spending

Did you track your spending today?

  • Challenge Starts-August 22nd

  • Challenge Ends-August 28th

  • Receive 1,000 points for logging your activity

Choose Well Fit Featured Class: 7-Minute Energy Gainer

More movement is a great habit to weave into your everyday life. Did you know that short bouts of exercise can leave you feeling energized by releasing endorphins in the body? Raise your hand if you could use a little extra natural energy and join our class today!

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