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What is TeleSpiritual Health?

TeleSpiritual health provides a virtual face-to-face encounter for caregivers to connect with professional chaplains about their spiritual needs. This encounter provides a sacred space to connect with care and compassion across distances.

How do I know if TeleSpiritual Health is right for me?

As wonderfully unique persons, we all need connection, meaning and purpose in our lives. This can be understood as a person’s spirituality, and it may be viewed through the lens of a particular religion, faith tradition or practice, or a connection outside of established spiritualities.

A screening tool on the caregiver Choose Well site can help identify common spiritual health concerns. These may include desiring peace, pursuing better balance in life, and seeking to make meaning out of life events, to name a few examples.

Who will I talk to when I have a TeleSpiritual Health appointment?

TeleSpiritual Health caregivers are professional chaplains who serve within the Providence family of organizations. Professional chaplains regularly work with caregivers and patients. They are skilled and trained to care for the whole person (mind, body, and spirit) from any spiritual and faith backgrounds or practices.

What happens during a TeleSpiritual Health consultation?

A TeleSpiritual Health chaplain will meet with you at the scheduled time on a Teams video call. They will take some time to get to know you and your spiritual health concerns. They will listen, offer any resources that might be helpful, and seek to meet your spiritual health concerns in the best ways possible.

Is TeleSpiritual Health confidential?

TeleSpiritual Health is a confidential way to speak to someone a professional chaplain about spiritual health concerns. To maintain privacy and limit interruptions, it is recommended that you join the appointment from a private, quiet location. To ensure safety, confidentiality is maintained except in emergency circumstances where self-harm, abuse, or threats of harm to others are discussed.

How can I access TeleSpiritual Health?

A TeleSpiritual Health chaplain will confirm your appointment by sending an Outlook appointment with a Teams video conference link. You may call into the appointments through a phone or access Teams through a mobile device.

  • Appointments are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Pacific).
  • Appointments are scheduled as 45-minute sessions.

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There is already a chaplain who regularly speaks to me where I work. Why would I need TeleSpiritual Health?

TeleSpiritual Health is available for all caregivers to help meet spiritual needs that arise. If you are familiar with your local chaplains, you are encouraged to reach out to them directly. TeleSpiritual Health may also provide you with a referral to local chaplains and resources.

Is TeleSpiritual Health available for patients?

Not currently. For now, the focus for TeleSpiritual Health is on caregivers, with hopes to expand to other populations in the future.

I have a prayer request, but do not want a TeleSpiritual Health appointment. What do I do?

Prayer requests can be submitted on the Choose Well site. These requests are received by the sisters of our founding congregations – the Sisters of Providence and Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange – who will pray for your intentions.

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