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New Patient Story

  • Location: Anchorage,
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My story is one of encouragement and love to someone who is struggling perhaps with their faith, identity or even life itself. I grew up a pastors kid in a very strict Pentecostal home. I knew since I was 7 that I was different and had “crushes” on boys in my church but was taught that it was wrong and I would burn in hell if I gave into those feelings. At 25 I became a minister and knew I was called to ministry at the age of 16 and played the piano at our local church and became music minister and I enjoyed my faith along with ministering to the hurting. I took a job at the local Police department as a Police Chaplain and did this for ten years. That’s when my mother and father who were elderly at the time moved in with me as I was the only single one who could take care of them. I came out to them cause I knew that time was going by fast and mom being as sick as she was would not be too long for this world. I was 32 when I did this and they both accepted me just as I am and told me that I would receive backlash from the church as I had to leave the church because of my “sin”. I didn’t care as I was free now to live for me. Mom passed a year later and I left the chaplaincy as this was weighing on me for ten years. I had a new path and a new chapter to fulfill in my life. Dad went to be with the Lord three years after mom and I met the love of my life Danny. Now I am at Providence and I enjoy what I do there tremendously and yes I still play the piano and minister when I am called to do so. 15 years married to the love of my life and our journey has been nothing short of amazing. I still encourage others who may need advice or just a simple shoulder to cry on. I see myself at Providence until I am able to retire from there one day. Never give up on your dreams and aspirations they can and will come true if you don’t stop believing. Hold on life gets better trust me.