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Sueann Freeman

Posted By Sueann Freeman || 17-Nov-2020

I was born and raised in Michigan. I moved to Washington the year of 2010 with my family. It was bound for a new beginning but it didn't turn out that way. My family and I up and left all our family to move here with family on my kids dads side. My kids dad had a bad drinking problem that left myself and my kids homeless. I didn't know what to do in a big city all alone. I felt hopeless and a huge failure to my kids. My sister ended up moving over here and I was determined to get our life on the right track. Needless to say we struggled for about a good year. It started with living with random people who had rooms for rent to getting a hotel when we came up with money. I was determined to make things better. I knew my kids as well as my sister were looking up to me and I couldn't let them down. I finally landed a job, but then we were again homeless for a bit. I hated my job but I was thankful it was something. I eventually ended up getting a car and we were able to get around a lot quicker. We stayed in hotels as that was all I could find for a good while, not making enough money made it very hard o find a place to rent here in the tri-cities. I applied at apartments but it was a struggle due to the amount of application fees we had to pay. I prayed and prayed we would find something It was to the point I made myself sick because I was scared, I didn't know what to do or if we would ever find anything, but I knew people were looking up to me and that was my family. So I continued to work my butt off despite the fact my family was in a hotel. I couldn't remember the last time we had a home cooked meal. Everything I had once taken for granted was then something I couldn't wait to have again, something as small as a warm meal in a warm home. So there was this apartment I went and applied for. I remember walking downstairs and seeing a stack of applicants paperwork. I thought to myself, I'm doomed, there's no way he will give it to me when he has so many others who I'm sure are better qualified than myself. But I didn't give up hope and I stayed positive. I remember driving home from work I get a phone call, it was the landlord from the apartments letting me know I could go and pick up the keys to my new place. I was so overjoyed, I cried such happy tears and I thanked god over n over. I called my sister and that was the best news we had gotten in months. I remember walking into the apartment with nothing but my family and the clothes on our backs. I didn't even care that we had nothing but we had each other and we finally had a home. Little by little we were able to buy things but still difficult with only one income. Moral of my story is that even when things are bad someone always has it worse. I could have given up but look at what happened because I didn't. I now have 4 beautiful children and a sister who is the most amazing person in my life. We now have a 6 bedroom home that we just recently bought. Life does get better and even though we still have bumps in the road we yet to give up.
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