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Caroline Etuckmelra

Posted By Caroline Etuckmelra || 16-Nov-2020

Working from home for a while has been helpful during the 2020 pandemic. I was already situated at home so there was not much change for me until work started to deminish. I continued to keep in touch with coworkers who no longer working for PSJH, that was very unfortunate and a blow. At times I wondered whether or not my position was going to be deminished. My husband and son have been great supporters, they reminded me to "trusht the plan", and like many continue to pray! Keeping everything normal, having family over was the best thing. And aquiring another pet. My son continues to go to work chererfuly daily has not missed a day since this pandemic, though he must follow instruction to wear a mask (for 8+ hours daily!) Thankfully he was considered "essential" though I feel everyone in the workplace is essential to keep this world going.
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