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Peggy McDonald

Posted By Peggy McDonald || 31-Jul-2020

Hello, My name is Peggy and I have worked for Swedish going on 9 years, I have 3 grown kids and 1 beautiful grandbaby (now 3 years old), When I started at Swedish and the Choose Well Program I weighed over 600 lbs. I didn’t really look like it as I carried it well, but none the less I did. I was not at all healthy and my body ached all the time. I had no energy to do much, work and doing dinner and dishes would be the extent of my day and I would drop by night. I love to travel and flying was quite a hassle, you have to hurry through the airport, and at 600+ there is not allot of hurrying. Also the seats are small and when you don’t fit into 1 seat you have to buy 2, and don’t even try using the lap tray fatty, not happening, lol. On vacation at that weight I did not do or see as much as I always wanted to and feel at times I would hold my travel friends back from what they wanted to do. They are so awesome they never once complained but I knew. 3 years ago when my grandbaby was born I knew if I didn’t do something I would not be around to watch her grow, and if so in no shape to actually enjoy her, I knew I had to do something, so I set myself on the path to do just that. I started an eating plan and with the help of Choose Well, the eating tips, sleeping tips and all the ways to get moving, the weight start coming off. I also joined a gym and got a great personal trainer and my best friend became my workout buddy. I lost over 100lbs. on my own this way and then had the sleeve operation to help from there. With the sleeve I lost another 70lbs. and maintained it for a couple years, no more loss but thankfully no gain. But I realized at that point I was getting lazy and depended on the sleeve to be a miracle aid and it would continue to drop, not reality. At that point I knew the sleeve had done all it was going to do and from there it was on me again and I had to get my butt moving again and I got into the Choose Well again. I would get the invites for the challenges and even though I would not record and track daily for all to see, I was doing it. I also changed eating again, to a lazy low carb Keto diet and the weight started moving again. . Today at weigh in this morning, I am 311lbs. so a long way to go still but a long way I have come. I am healthier, happier and more active (and I have a neck, lol) , I play with my grandbaby and take her on walks and play in the park with her. I now buy 1 seat in the airplane and the lap try sits comfortably on my lap and it is enjoyable to be in the airport and airplane. Vacation has become so much more enjoyable, I can do walking tours and shopping for hours and believe this, I got on a jet ski in the Bahamas, yey me,, lol. It has been a tough journey but so worth it, and I have plans to keep going, need about another 80 lbs. I think and I will work to get that. This is my story and I know if I can do it so can anyone else that wants it bad enough. I hate to share this but if it helps someone I know I did the right thing.
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