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Frances Chambers

Posted By Frances Chambers || 20-Jan-2020

I have worked at Kadlec hospital for 33 years. I"m 81 years young. Everyone on my dads side were in their 90"s when they passed away. I hope to be able to work a little longer, as it keeps me in shape and alert. I love the patients I transport on a daily bases, and the interaction with them is pretty cool.. The nurses are great to work with and are always ready to help when i ask for assistance. I"m working on keeping my sugar intake down, so I don"t have problems down the road. (sweets are my downfall). I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and not as much meat. I am taking meds to help keep my cholesterol in check. I average about 14000 steps a day in my job. I"m very healthy and have very few health issues.
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